Adrian’s Monday Starter : 29

What I’m reading : I’ve been leafing through a lot of cookbooks in bookshops lately. But what I keep returning to is an online one called There are plenty of recipe sites on the web but this one is refreshingly delightful. Her writing is positive and fun. She’s really creative with her cooking and manages to make everything simple to follow and exciting to undertake on your own. And I love watching her videos. I’ve already made 3 meals from it!

What I’m listening to: Politickling | Tell Me Something I Don’t Know - Good editing soundtrack.

Go see: It Comes at Night - I’m not sure why I went to see to this film. Actually I do know. It’s got Joel Edgerton in it. He’s always fantastic to watch. But gosh was I terrified by this movie! It left me feeling disturbed and a tad ill. Even then I will still recommend it.

A quote I’m pondering on: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children… to leave the world a better place… to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Adrian’s Monday Starter : 28

What I’m reading : Homo Deus : A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari — I’ve just started this book and it’s as fascinating and thrilling as the first one!

What I’m listening to: Ian Weldon - Taking a Stand with your Photography Business — I’ve listened to many photographers and Ian is shaking me to the core. I feel humbled and distressed by this revelation. This is a good thing.

A quote I’m pondering on: “There is no special way a photograph should look” — Garry Winogrand

Adrian’s Monday Starter : 27

What I’m reading: Seth’s Blog: Make Two Lists

What I’m watching: Just Dance: UpDownLeftRight - A day and night in the life of the man dubbed the god of Dance Dance Revolution on

What recently made me Laugh Out Loud: “Don’t be so hard on yourself. The mum in E.T. had an alien living in her house for days and didn’t notice.” — via @TheUnmumsyMum

What I’m listening to: Who are The Minimalists? - The Minimalist Podcast — I’ve just started this series so give me a minute.

A quote I’m pondering on: ”Being aware of your fear is smart. Overcoming it is the mark of a successful person.” — Seth Godin

Adrian’s Monday Starter : 26

What I’m reading : The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling by Thomas Oppong

What I’m putting together: A food planner on — Why didn’t I think about this before?

What I’m watching: Various videos on Youtube on how to best learn how to do a handstand. Now all I need is some space in my house to do these.

A quote I’m pondering: “If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured, and unique individual, keep a journal.” — Jim Rohn

Adrian’s Monday Starter : 25

What I’m reading : Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari — I’ve just started and it’s fascinating, breathtaking… thrilling!

What I’m listening to: Evolution, Accelerated by Freakonomics Radio

What I’m watching: Why you should define your fears instead of your goals by Tim Ferriss on Ted Talks.

A place I visited: Daunts Books, a bookshop in Marylebone, London is a beautiful Edwardian store. You don’t have to be a bookworm to appreciate this lovely space.

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