Adrian’s Monday Starter : 36

What I’m reading : Ugh I haven’t read anything new! I have yet to finish Homo Deus. I have no excuse but to say I’ve been busy which basically means it’s not a priority. I know.

What I’m listening to: Clutter by The Minimalist Podcast

What I’m watching: Australian Survivor - Don’t judge, it’s highly entertaining and I feel that the Aussies are not as harsh with each other as the Americans. Jonathan LaPaglia does a stellar job as the host. I do keep getting his name confused with his brother Anthony. I’d rather watch this show than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Cringe.

A quote I’m pondering on: “There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.” — George Sands

Go see: Logan - I only managed to see this on a plane. It’s a tad violent but that not a surprise but was is remarkable is that this is a profoundly hopeful film.

Adrian’s Monday Starter : 35

What I’m reading : I’ve been away and haven’t had a chance to read anything at all. I haven’t even completed Homo Deus yet! This is probably a boring, empty post but the highlight was the captivating movie I saw.

Go see: God’s Own Country - This is an exceptional film. Breathtaking, beautiful, tender and so heart-wrenchingly honest. I’m lost for words. Go see it.

A quote I’m pondering on: “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”— Seth Godin

Adrian’s Monday Starter : 34

What I’m reading : Goals vs Systems by Scott Adams - A great mental model when it comes to assessing personal success.

What I’m listening to: The Complete Guide to Fasting by Ben Greenfield Fitness - This video/podcast is an interview with Dr Jason Fung, one of the authors of the book The Complete Guide to Fasting. I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting since 2013.

What I’m watching: Australian Survivor - I know, I know it’s crappy TV but I do mildly enjoy it.

A quote I’m pondering on: “How can I create something that critics will criticise?” — Seth Godin

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