30 Days 30 Films Project // Day 7

Omigod it’s only day 7! Struggled to get ideas today. Went to a nearby skate park. I know nothing about skateboarding. The kids were happy for me to be there. I could have stayed all afternoon. Editing was tricky with fast music. Still fun to do. Totally imperfect and done as quickly as possible.

Music by Serge Quadrado.

30 Days 30 Films Project // Day 6

Today I went to visit my mum. What a lovely spring day! Melbourne is gorgeous in the spring. I’m super lucky to live in this city.

On another note, I’m struggling with my colour correction.

Music by Serge Quadrado.

30 Days 30 Films Project // Day 3

I’ve just worked out how to record in F-log. (A technical thing that profesh filmmakers use to record video for creative editing) Ugh. I had no idea that was a thing. Helps with adjusting exposures and the like.I can’t believe I’ve started this project, it’s actually really hard! It occupies a fair bit of my day and my headspace. And I’m running out of ideas already! It’s particularly tricky in lockdown as I can’t visit people in their homes or workplace.

Music by Jason Shaw.

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