London 2022

I make it a point to visit London at least once a year, often using it as a transit point for our European adventures. The city offers a delightful canvas for street photography, observation, and capturing moments. Recently, my focus has shifted towards a more nuanced appreciation of shadows.

Venice Beach 2023 // 1

Venice Beach, California. I’m not a surfer but someone once said that “we are all equal before a wave”. It can be a profound reminder of the universal moments and experiences we capture through the lens. Just as the wave doesn’t differentiate between individuals, life’s most significant and captivating moments are accessible to all. A stunning sunset, a child’s laughter, or a fleeting expression of love – these are all shared human experiences that we aim to capture. And will never be artificially “captured” or created by AI.

Photography is a medium to celebrate our commonality, allowing us to appreciate the beauty that unites us.

Welcome to my Fine Art Print Store

Embracing the Beauty of Ordinary Moments: Fine Art Prints from My Travels

Welcome to My Fine Art Print Shop! In a world that often rushes past the simple joys of everyday life, I invite you to take a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty found in the ordinary. Here in my fine art print shop, I offer a collection of photographs that capture these fleeting moments, taken during my travels and within the comfort of my home, all preserved on film with my trusty analog camera, the Hasselblad 501CM.

For me, photography is not just about capturing every passing scene. It’s a deliberate act of restraint, an opportunity to truly observe and cherish the essence of a moment. There are days when I wander for hours with my camera, immersing myself in the world around me, yet never pressing the shutter. It’s during these moments of quiet observation that I find inspiration and a renewed appreciation for the world we inhabit. I am deeply drawn to the film capture process for its unique qualities. It is slow, deliberate, and inherently imperfect, (sometimes frustrating), requiring careful thought before each click of the camera shutter. It’s a dance between photographer and subject, where patience and anticipation intertwine to create something truly special.

Through my images, I aim to convey this sense of thoughtfulness and reflection, inviting you to join me in taking a short break from your busy schedule to contemplate the world around us. All the photographs you’ll find in my collection were captured on either medium format or 35mm film cameras, using Kodak film stock unless otherwise stated. This choice of medium adds a distinct character to each image, preserving the richness of colours and subtle nuances that digital photography often fails to replicate.

To ensure the highest quality and longevity, each fine art print is meticulously crafted using the giclée printing process on premium archival materials. The prints are then beautifully framed in sustainable Australian hardwood, ready to grace the walls of your home or office space. Shipping is free within Australia.

I invite you to browse through my collection of fine art prints and embark on a visual journey that will inspire contemplation and a newfound appreciation for the simplicity or complexity of your surroundings. Embrace the imperfections and let each photograph transport you to a place where time slows down and the beauty of ordinary moments takes center stage. Take a break from the chaos of the world and let these photographs be your companions on a serene and thought-provoking exploration.

Visit my fine art print shop now.

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