Monday Starter : 72

An online tool I’m using: Milanote - I discovered this platform last year when I started a branding project for a couple of clients. I love it. I can organise and plan everything visually in one place. There’s even a Mac app. Though I wish they mad an iPad app. There are plenty of mood boarding tools online but this one really works for me. It’s like Pinterest and Evernote rolled into one designed for creatives and project managers. It’s a digital way to make sense of ideas.

What I’m learning: I don’t need to be so ridiculously “productive” or “busy” during this time. If anything, I feel exhausted and unmotivated. I don’t know what to focus on. All of a sudden there’s a tonne of stuff I want to achieve or complete because I think I have so much time now. I feel guilty for not doing enough. But being cooped up at home and not seeing other people (other than my own family) for extended periods of time is diminishing for the soul. Hanging out with people online is not quite the same. The simple act of sitting in a café with other humans around (even if don’t talk to them) is really nourishing! I miss that. I also miss taking photos of people. I’ve hardly picked up my camera these days.

What I’m reading: I saw this book on our shelves and have just start reading it. The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas.

What I’m listening to: Directions in Groove (DIG) - The Favourite is my fave.

What I’m watching: Treadstone - I’m a fan of the Bourne movie saga with Matt Damon. This spin-off TV series has enough energy and good quality action to keep me interested. It does lose momentum every now and again but the action is pretty good (because that’s why I watch it) and it’s complex enough to keep me going. I haven’t finished season 1 yet. There’s so much to watch right now.

A quote I’m pondering on: “The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” – Ida B. Wells

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