Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel?

Yes! I’m based in Melbourne, Australia and will travel interstate and to any destination worldwide. A separate travel fee is quoted. A minimum two-nights of accommodation is required for interstate destinations and three nights for overseas destinations. All travel arrangements are booked by me. I offer a fixed wedding coverage for international destinations that makes the overall cost more affordable than you think. Please inquire.

Do you photograph our wedding on your own?

I am the sole photographer for your wedding day and depending on the details and size of your wedding I may have an assistant. My assistant is not a 2nd photographer but will still shoot as a back-up during the ceremony. If you require a 2nd photographer to cover part or all of the day, let me know and an additional fee applies.

Do you provide high resolution files and how many?

You will receive a minimum of 500 beautifully edited, print-ready, high resolution images on USB. You and your family will also be able to enjoy viewing your wedding photos online via a password-protected gallery and available for 30 days. You will also receive a separate folder with web resolution versions of the photos for email and social media use. There are no watermarks.

When do we get to see our photos and can we order prints through you?

Your photos will be ready to view about 6-8 weeks after your wedding day. I know that you are super-excited to see your photos but each image is individually edited and this takes time. You can order prints via your custom wedding gallery. All photographs are printed on beautiful archival fine art paper.

frequently asked questions about wedding photography
Anglesea engagement session

We are really awkward when it comes to having our photos taken! Can you help?

I’m super awkward too! I’m so used to taking photos of other people it’s rare for me to be in front of the camera. So I totally understand that it can be terrifying for some. But don’t worry, I’m great at posing people who hate having their pictures taken. I know what that’s like. My son does it to me and I have now embraced the fact that I also need to have my photo taken!

Remember that most of my couples are getting married for the first time and it is usually their first time to have their portraits taken. So you’re not alone! I’ll make sure you’re comfortable, relaxed and most importantly have a fun time. Leave it up to me! Alternatively, we don’t have to do any “posed” photos at all if that is what you prefer. I can capture your entire day in a completely photojournalistic way.

I highly recommend that you have an engagement session with me as it is a fantastic opportunity to “practice” before the big day. I promise you’ll be more relaxed on your wedding day as you’ll know what to expect. It also sets the stage for the big day.

Do you do wedding albums?

Yes, absolutely! I love albums. Your photographs should be printed and not kept hidden away on a USB or on your computer hard drive. My fine art books are custom designed with durability and beauty in mind and you can find out more info here. There’s nothing else like it. A fine art book starts at $1500 when pre-purchased with your wedding booking or $2200 if ordered after the wedding day.

What is the difference between film and digital photography? Why should I choose a film photographer?

I grew up shooting film. When I was at photography school, film was the only medium available. Digital photography took off by the time I completed my studies in 2007. Some of the greatest fashion, fine art and documentary photographers all shot with film. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what medium is used to capture your wedding day. The photographer’s vision is more important. On that note…

  • Film photography requires an analog camera that takes a roll of photographic film which is a thin flexible strip of plastic coated with a light sensitive emulsion — also called a negative. Images are captured and recorded on the negative. The roll of film must be processed (chemically) then scanned to produce photographs. Depending on the camera format, a roll of film can have between 10 to 36 frames (images).
  • Digital photography involves a digital camera that uses a digital sensor to capture images. The images are recorded on a flash card loaded in the camera. Thousands of frames can be saved on a single flash card.

Yes, film photography is a bit “old-school” as I must use cameras that are no longer in production. I believe that’s the beauty of it. The difference is in the mindset and in the picture-taking process. Working with film requires a disciplined, considered approach. The images are also luminous, light and airy. Yes it’s imperfect but it’s also perfectly beautiful.

Digital is amazing too, don’t get me wrong. It’s versatile and its low-light capabilities are unmatched. I embrace both mediums and will use digital cameras where they shine. On a typical wedding day I will shoot both of film and digital. Once the photographic capture is complete (film or digital) the process is digital afterwards. The rolls of film are processed and scanned and it’s a completely digital workflow from there. I archive all the film negatives and you have the option to keep them if you wish.

You can read more about my journey with film photography here: Why I Shoot Film : A Medium Like No Other. Here is an article I love: These Photographers are Still Shooting Film. Here’s Why.

Do you have backup gear?

Yes, I have multiple camera bodies (both digital and film). I also have insurance. And most of the time I have an assistant who makes sure I don’t eat the cake. 🙂

What are your rates?

Wedding day coverage starts at $4495. Please get in touch so I can send you my complete pricing information.

We love what we see, how do we book you?

Get in touch with me using this contact form or click the button below and I’ll check if I’m available on your date. A signed contract and 30% retainer is required to book your wedding date. I’d be truly honoured to capture your wedding day! Let’s get together over a coffee. I’m also happy to chat via Skype if you are far far away from Melbourne, Australia. I look forward to meeting you!